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A day out on Isle-O-Kopa Charters

One of the best things about living on a Caribbean Island is that you can go swimming in the sea every day and of course unlimited possibilities for snorkeling!

Every week we send off our guests on day charters. It is the one things we most highly recommend. Either a full day up to the BVIs or a full day exploring USVI waters. However, a passport is needed when going to the BVIs and you also have the customs fee. For us exploring the USVIs is a great alternative.


With friends visiting for a short vacation it was the perfect opportunity to try out one of our recommended charters: Isle-O-Kopa Charters. With snacks, cold drinks and snorkel gear packed we headed out from Abi Beach ready for a day filled with underwater adventure! Both the kids and adults were very excited.


Captain Adam promised to show us some untouched coral reefs and also make the “must see” stop at Turtle Cove.


We started off going to the West side of St. Thomas to explore a very untouched location.

The first thing I saw diving in was a pretty sand dollar. The water was so clear! As I snorkeled closer to the reef (which by the way includes some great swim thru’s!) I felt I were inside an aquarium. The corals are gorgeous. So many different colors and formations and we even got to see a nurse shark!


We also stumbled upon an underwater coral farm! Awesome! It almost looked like an underwater ghost town.

As we continued going South we stopped in a cove close to the airport. Øystein made a really cool discovery as he discovered a set of landing gear from a bigger airplane. After som checking with local sources it was determined that the gear must have been debris from hurricane Marilyn in 1995. Still a pretty cool find!


Our lunch stop was Water Island. Adam took us to Paradise Lost, a once upon a time (before hurricane Marilyn) resort. He also showed a cart used during the World War.


To top off our lunch break we also spotted a turtle as we were snorkeling among the remains of the resort.

As we were going past French Town and Charlotte Amalie harbor we spotted several dolphins (the kids were beyond ecstatic!). Totally made the day for everyone aboard the boat!


Next stop out was Buck Island. Here we snorkeled two great spots. Who would believe that Buck Island could hold one of the best snorkels? Tons of beautiful corals made the sea a magical mermaid country for everyone.





Once again Adam surprised us with a great snorkel experience.



We also made the “mandatory” Turtle Cove stop. It is so nice to just float around and watch all the turtles. Also great for the kids to watch and learn a bit about sea turtles.

Besides swimming with the turtles we also spotted a sting ray. Pretty nice!


To sum it all up: Fishes, corals, rays, turtles and dolphins! Yes, it was a very awesome day and we highly recommend all our guests to try out Erin and Adam at Isle-O-Kopa Charters!

Staying at one of our villas? Ask for our concierge to book you a great and memorable day out at sea! 

All the pictures are taken with my GoPro Hero4 Silver.

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