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Our guests love ABI beach and so do we!

A secluded cove with a long stretch of sand, palm trees blowing in the breeze, clear blue water…. Abi has it all! Abi is surrounded by hundreds of acres of untouched land. In fact, the valley used to be an old plantation! Continue reading to discover some of the reasons why all of our guests love Abi Beach here on St. Thomas.


At Abi you can truly find your inner peace! The beach is loved buy all our guests and it is our clear favorite of all the 44 beaches here on St. Thomas.

Sophia loves to play on the beach and collect sea shells. I love to take my paddle board down here and enjoy paddle along the reef. And Øystein loves that he can bring the dogs for a hike along the shoreline. There is even several hiking paths and undiscovered trails you can take around the valley!


Our guest also love the free beach lounges, the great beach bar and the good food! Abi also has kayaks, paddle boats, snorkel gear and more incase you would like to explore the bay.

At Abi we can arrange weddings, beach parties and other special occasions! To get to Abi there are several trails going over to the valley or you can take your car down. Take a look at our You Tube video on how to drive down to Abi from The Blue Sandcastle – it only takes 5 minutes.

Read out latest reviews from our guests:

The best thing we did during our (too brief) trip was visit Abi Beach, at Ingrid’s recommendation. You can walk or drive there and it is spectacular, nearly empty and has a great beach bar with awesome drinks, good music and delicious fish tacos. It was where we spent all of our free time.

We had a truly wonderful day at the nearby, picture-perfect Abi Beach — it’s a little bit hidden away so very quiet and private, but there was a nice little beach bar with tasty food and delicious drinks. I will absolutely recommend this home and Abi Beach to any of my friends visiting St. Thomas!

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