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Vacation at The Blue Sandcastle, St. Thomas – Virgin Islands

The weather is starting to get colder and your back in boots and a rainproof jacket (especially if you live in on the coast of Norway!). It’s even starting to get so cold that you need to put an oven on inside your house… And all you can think about is the warmth of the sun. It was so nice those few days this summer when you could use your sundress and sandals without freezing. Well, you can have that feeling again! Jump on a plane and escape to paradise! The Virgin Islands are filled with fun in the sun. From secluded and private beaches to fun beach bars at deserted islands; we got it all! Oh, ups! Don’t forget the cold and chilling drinks served on the beach… Soggy Dollar’s famous “Painkiller”, the “Bushwacker”, the “Island Breeze” or just a refreshing “Pina Colada”.

Soggy Dollar

Soggy Dollar

Now how do I get there? Is it super expensive? How about the kids? (or what kids??) Honeymoon materiale? Getting married in paradise? Celebrating my birthday in paradise? Where should I stay? What should I do? Do I need a car?

That’s just some of the questions we get asked daily when booking guests inn for a stay at The Blue Sandcastle.
Well, it’s pretty simple. There’s tons of direct flight to St. Thomas (USVI) from the States. You can also fly in by changing planes in Puerto Rico. As for Europeans they can either fly to the States and get a direct flight from Boston, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Miami etc. Or fly directly to Puerto Rico – there are 6 direct flights with Norwegian Air Shuttle every week starting November 1st. The direct flights goes from London, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. There’s also a direct flight from Madrid to Puerto Rico. From Puerto Rico we are only 20 minutes by plane. The Blue Sandcastle even has it’s own private airplane we can pick you up with! We are working with Capitol Air and they have two very nice and private planes we use for picking up our guests in Puerto Rico – then you don’t have the hassle by changing planes, waiting etc.


The second most important thing guests ask us and also the most frequent question is; “How’s the weather?”
A concern is and always has been our “hurricane season”. During the months of June until the end of October we are at higher risk of experiencing a hurricane. This year so far we have had sun almost every day, actually we have had to much sun! So when TS Erika was said to make it’s impact on us we were looking forward to some heavy rain – well, we did not get it! Last weekend Sophia was doing a rain dance outside as we woke up to the sound of rain Saturday morning. We were thrilled to see the water pouring down and filling up our cistern! And then it stopped…


I’m not saying we don’t get rain at all here, but it’s usually showers – and they tend to come during the night or early mornings. Besides, the summer is a perfect time to come down here! It’s slower in the summertime and the ports are not filled with cruise ships every day. Again, coming during the winter is also great – you get to escape the cold and load up on vitamin D soaking in the sun! There’s nothing better than to post a picture on Facebook with your toes in the sand while your friends are in their Uggs freezing their toes off in the snow 🙂


Yeah, it’s true – we don’t get to make snow angels with our kids in the snow, but we do get to make sand angels on the beach or just float like a star in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean sea. Kinda beat making snow angels 😉


The colours here are amazing! One of my favourite spots is Marina Cay.


That bright red phone booth in the middle of all that turquoise just says “pop”.
And day trips to the BVI’s are just so easy. We have several charters that we work with here at The Blue Sandcastle.

Sandy Spit

Sandy Spit

Just a short boat ride away you can find amazing sights such at The Baths in Virgin Gorda (remember to repeat Tyra Banks famous Sports Illustrated cover), get to Jost van Dyke and sip Painkillers or visit great locations such as Sandy Cay or Sandy Spit where Ursula Andres became a famous icon in James Bond. (If you’re into sports fishing then there’s just a whole world of options down here.)

If boating is not for you there’s always the option of the private airplane – how about lunch at Cow Wreck in Anegada? Enjoy one of the most pristine beaches in the world while eating lobster on the beach. Or you could simply use the plane for a shopping spree in Puerto Rico.

This is just some of the many options we have here at The Blue Sandcastle.


Oh, and yeah, did I mention we have two great beaches within 5-7 min walking from the villa?
Pictured above is Abi beach. They have a great beach bar, food, paddle boards and it is a very secluded beach. You can only get there by boat or by the path we know.

DSC_0292Or you can just walk down the street to Limetree beach. Limetree also has a bar and restaurant combined with Bluebeard’s Beach Club.

Amazing sunset

Amazing sunset

Whatever you decide to do with your days while staying here nothing beats coming home to watch the gorgeous sunset from the covered terrace. This is a place where you can find nirvana with a glass of wine after an exciting day filled with adventures and re-charged your batteries for new adventures. Enjoy the view (and the wine) while we cook you dinner. With a private chef you are guaranteed a great culinary experience as well.

We can accommodate dining for up to 30 guests. We can accommodate dining for up to 30 guests. 

There’s also dining for up to 30 guests by the pool – and a huge BBQ if you would like to have a casual cooke out.

At The Blue Sandcastle we specialise in weddings, celebrations, group travels and families. We offer several options for your vacation; “just stay”, stay with breakfast, a half board option and an all inclusive option. The choice is yours.

More than 20 guests? Need more space? We also manage two other villas here in Frenchman’s Bay – both with amazing views and private pools. One sleeps 12 – one sleeps 36. The Blue Sandcastle sleeps 20 when the 5 suites are shared.

If you have questions about travelling to St. Thomas – Virgin Islands – or would like to make this the destination of your wedding, celebration or so on, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our e-mail is:

You can also find more information on our website

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    One of my dream vacations has always been to visit the Virgin Islands. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have enough to make my dream become a reality. This helped me see what I can do and prepare for and how to make this


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