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What to do on your last day in the Virgin Islands?

What to do on your last day in the Virgin Islands?


Take a day charter! Explore the surrounding islands and enjoy a fun-filled day with lots of adventures. Either join a group of people on a day charter or get your very own private yacht. Either way, it will be an unforgettable day!


One of the favourites is the BVI day charters. This is a great trip for both families and couples. You get to explore four to five islands, and some of the places you visit is only reachable by boat. And you’ll have tons of fun!

Here’s some tips to where you should go on a day charter to the BVIs.


First stop

Start with a trip to Virgin Gorda. Clear your passport in Spanish Town, and then go and explore the Baths. The Baths is one of the the BVI’s most popular tourist attraction. The sight is amazing. The rocks forms a series of grottoes that has tidal pools and kaleidoscopic sunlight. Take the trails through them or snorkel around them.



Second stop

After seeing the Baths head over to Scrub Island or Cooper Island for some lunch and snorkel. Scrub Island have some luxurious restaurants on the island resort. On Cooper Island you’ll find superb snorkeling at Cistern Point. There’s also a full service dive shop on the island that also rents kayaks and sailboards. Have lunch at Cooper Island Beach Club.


Swimming with turtles

Third stop

Head over to Sandy Spit for some real «Pirates of the Caribbean» photos. Snorkel around Green Cay for some more underwater adventures. Or head over to the bigger Sandy Cay. All islands are deserted islands with nothing but sand and some palm trees.


Fourth stop

After a day with snorkel and other sea adventures it’s time to go bar hopping! Jost Van Dyke is known for its white beaches and famous bars; Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar. Foxy’s is owned by local «Sir Foxy» (Philiciano Callwood). The bar is worth visiting just by reputation. It is a place of legends. Try local beer from Foxy’s local microbrewery on site. If you’re lucky you might meet Foxy himself.

DSC_0240After having some local beer at Foxy’s it’s time to head over to Soggy Dollar Bar. The reason for the bar name will become clear to you as you anchor up. Soggy Dollar is located at White Bay Beach. This is the bar that invented the famous «Painkiller». It is a smooth and delicious , yet lethal, cocktail. The cocktail is made with rum, coconut, pineapple, orange juice and nutmeg.

When the sun sets, head back to St. Thomas and enjoy a sunset dinner onboard your yacht.


What to bring?

Bring lots of sunscreen, towels, swimwear and a set of change. Bring your own snorkel gear if you have, if not the charter will provide it for you. Remember to charge your camera batteries as there will be lots of photos to be taken. Most important: Bring your PASSPORT, you will not be able to clear customs at the BVI without it. Your charter will provide you with water throughout the day. On request you can have an all-inclusive day charter.

The Blue Sandcastle work with different day charters and we can arrange the perfect last day for you. We also work with Chartertree who can cater to your every yacht charter needs.

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